Thursday, February 18, 2016

What gets you racing?

Sweaty palms, the gut wrenching churn,
Heart beats racing,  your veins feel the burn.
You wanna through up, you might just pass out,
You shed every ounce of regret, and every speck of doubt.

You stand your ground and meet it head on..
The fear that grips you, will soon be long gone..
What you earn instead is a mighty legacy behind,
One that you look back upon with pride that, I SURVIVED!

The first time you made it into the 8am. Virar. Or the time when the girl from the suburb, snubs the snobs from South Bomb. The time when you shun the shackles and fight for your convictions. The time she decides to switch her circuits diagrams with croquis. Or the time you rise above the politics and shine on your merit.  The time when you only follow the little voice in your heart, and not the noise that tells you otherwise.

Adventure… trying to define it is kinda like picking out an ice crème flavor. I may like a loaded double chocolate chip Sunday with chunks of cookies and a drizzle of hot fudge, you may like a plain old vanilla. But in the end we both indulge in some artery clogging goodness. Adventure too, like ice crème is indulged by all**. Some may find their thrill jumping off a plane at 15,000 feet, some may find the exact same thrill by surviving the month in the city with a handsome change to spare. We all indulge in adventure in our own little way, some may like chocolate, some Vanilla, but at the end of it we all indulge in a bit of ice crème , in a bit of Adventure.

Adventure N Me!
Am a little cookoo that way! I live my life as if I have a 5 person camera crew filming a music video on my life with Adele playing in background. Hello, can you hear me? Adventure for me is little things that get me racing, making the right choices and surviving little challenges that life brings your way and you like a HERO, kick it where it hurts and smugly say, IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO?

Making it through straight green lights..
Baking a cake that doesn’t look like a make shift lake.
Getting off social media and surviving.
Indulging in some downtime read instead of Downton Abbey.
Walking past a sale sign and not flinching.
Regretting the nightmares that follow,  but still watching  horror movies even if I find my head buried deep inside the blanket for a good half of the movie .
Leaving behind dirty laundry and making time for a little game of tag with the munchkin.
Cutting the TV connection even if it means I will have to face the wrath, anger, rage , fury and tantrums of the 33 year old husband.

In the end, one of my biggest resolutions,  that I managed to conquer is:  staying away from all forms of negativity, no gossip, no girl on girl hate! It’s easy to berate anyone. Hell its even satisfying sometimes.. But it’s these kind of things that makes my back hurt, I begin to slouch with all that hate on my back and before I know it I turn into this wretched old ugly witch that no amount of makeup can hide.

Why do all need to be in a race? Why can’t we all win.. Staying positive is a struggle, but it will probably be the most enriching Adventure you ever embark upon!
And that’s a wrap!

Let me know what adventures means to you in the comments section. Also checkout people try and Define Adventure in the video below:

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