Monday, August 10, 2015

Cavity Vs. Calci-Bot

In the Toothpaste aisle,
Going through an entire lot of the Colgate Magical Castle packs, I frantically try to locate the Royal Family…People keep staring at me, wondering what the hell am I up to. Am sure my little show, generated interest in a half a dozen aunties and they too picked up a pack or two…

Also what didn’t help, was my 4 year old growing impatient, Mommy did you find it yet, did you find it yet, he went on like a stuck record. Few of the employees took pity on me and pitched in on my search... Five more minutes and a sales representative from Colgate handed the Royal Family to me. Finally...

My 4 yr old son Vedant and my 10 yr old nephew Khush had already made up their mind about what they wanted to do with their Colgate Cutouts. “We want to put up a puppet show,” they announced. So my Sister-in-law and I turned an old shoe box into a mini puppet theater, while the brothers worked on the script. They came up with the title, the protagonist and villain all by themselves. As a parent, am mighty proud of seeing my little genius at work, that’s the power of constructive parenting.

What’s also worth a mention is that I was overwhelmed with the kind of excitement the kids showed in this project. What also surprise me was the idea of an Alien and the element of tiny Colgate gun contraption they added to the story. It clearly shows that they can think out of the box, literally….

The Puppets in the Video were handled by my Sister in law; the story was narrated by Khush, while I shot the entire journey on my cam. We took exactly 30 takes to get it right. At times the props fell off the stick, at times Khush fumbled, at one point my neighbors burglar alarm went off and the other time my maid came barging into the room demanding to clean it.

Every retake bout in laughter, some really uncontrollable laughter. Am glad I decided to take up this project on with my family, we surely made some real #MagicalStories together. Kids love surprises and Colgate has really got it right this time. Along with teaching them Dental Hygiene its also tapping their creative cells. the kids also enjoyed seeing what children from all over the country had done with their Colgate Castle packs. It surely is a great camping.

The puppet theater now is a permanent addition to the house. They next production in the making is The Transformers vs. Minions. Look out for that..

You too can create Magical Stories with your family; 
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