Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hamilton Beach Hand Blender Review.

Am too lazy to document my cooking endeavors, but when Americas #1 Home appliance company, Hamilton Beach and Indian’s best blogging platform Blogadda,  got in touch with me for a blogging association, I knew I had to do something special. They spoilt me for choice. I had to pick from an entire range of swank looking products.

Since I am all about desserts and throwing parties, the perfect choice was the Party Planner Profile. It consisted of two of my favorite products,  a 32ltr convection oven and a 600watts Hand Blender. I was over the moon when the exact same products that I applied for arrived. Even before I got home, my highly excited Mother-in-law had gathered the entire neighborhood. They couldn’t wait for to find out what’s inside.

The un-boxing:
The great reveal was far from easy. It was like they shipped my on original Picasso. All tucked and secure under wraps, it would probably survive a storm and emerge unfazed. But that is always a good thing when you order products online. So after a lot of ripping, tugging and pulling, the oven and the blender emerged. My! 
There is major problem with Indian brand of appliances. Am sure they work all right, but there is very little attention to details. Most of them are ugly to look at and are made of cheap plastics. But the first thing that you notice about the Hamilton Beach products is that they are just very classy. Clear lines , gleaming steel and buffed Black body would make any kitchen look glamorous. There a zillion appliances that serve our purpose but are neatly tucked away, but a Hamilton Beach product you would love to flaunt and proudly display. Cut to my newly acquired machines. After reading the quick manual and learning as to what goes where, they were all set to be put to test.

My experiments with the Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Hand Blender (59769-IN).

This little 600watts powerhouse of a product comes with a host of attachments and accessories: A blending wand,  a whisk, a chopping bowl with lid, a mixing cup with lid and a wall mount . The company claims that it is a 5in1 product and can blend, mix, whip, puree and chop. So I decided to put these claims to the test.

Since I had some Cream that needed churning, I reckoned I put Blender to the test. Homemade ghee is a grueling process, as it takes forever for the butter to churn, not to mention the mess it leaves behind. So I was really apprehensive about the blenders performance. But the results were pleasantly surprising. It took the Hamilton Blender just a little under 5 minutes to separate butter, which otherwise takes about 12-15 minutes in my old hand blender. Not to mention the rest I need to give it due to overheating. Check out the video to see my Hamilton in action:


Neat isn’t it. But apart from churning, it’s also great at blending. My smoothie came out beautifully silk, unlike my old blender that left behind chunks. The video below proves this fact…


Cooking is a lot of fun, but prepping can be daunting. but when one tool takes over a lot of your tough job, then throwing a feats is a breeze. The chopping bowl is my favorite part about the product. The little ‘S’ blade is a blessing. Just a 3 sec pulse is enough to chop onions, a minute and more gives you a zero chunk puree. The blending wand pureed spinach in a jiffy and whipped cream without giving my arms a workout..

Did i mention that cleaning the blender is just so easy, 
All you need is a helpful assistant to get the job done... 

To know more about my experience with my second Product i.e. that Hamilton Oven, go to thislink…Hamilton Beach Oven Review
This post is a part of a blogging collaboration with Blogadda and Hamilton Beach India.

Hope, never let it go…

Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful and significantly life-altering events that a woman can experience. It’s funny how one little being can change the dynamics of your life. I no longer look forward to the weekends. At times, my husband has to remind me what day it is. Hours in the mall are spent ogling at all the pretty things in the baby section. I can’t remember the last movie I saw, or the last time I had a good night’s sleep. But I have no regrets…

Being a mom, it’s all that I’ve ever wanted. But this gift didn’t come easy. I’ve had to move mountains, just to be able to hold you. At my 4-months check up, you had the doctors worried. You were way too eager to arrive early. They put me on a 5months lock down. So much for all the pregnancy yoga and the pre-natal classes that I signed up for.

My entire time on the bed-rest, not once had I complained. How could I? I couldn’t give up on the hope to see you in my arms, all hale and hearty. All this time all I did was just stare at the ceiling and picture our time together.

Have I told you that your dad is a super hero? For the four months that I was in the hospital with you in my belly, he made sure he never left our side. After work every day, without fail, he would come rushing to the hospital to check up on us. It made me happy, that he was a part of our journey. That got us more closer than ever. I’ve had a difficult pregnancy, but you have been totally worth it.

Today you are all of Four. You just got back from the school. You gave me a choking hug. Your chatter went on and on about your day at school. Am fixing you up a sandwich, while you are busy goofing on the kitchen stool. One look at you and I accidentally cut myself. The cut isn’t that deep but your eyes well up. You run to my aid, grab a kitchen towel and look at me all worried. I assure you, it’s nothing really. But you still don’t stop making a big deal out of it. In your eyes I could see that you share my pain.

That day my heart aced. It aced caused it was full of love. Love so abundant that there was no room for anything else. That day when you held me tight, I was thankful. I was thankful that I never gave up on you. If I had, I would have never met you… Sure the doctors kept the drip going, but in all my heart I know that it was a Mothers hope that helped you hold on tight. Am glad I didn’t give up, cause you give my life purpose.

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