Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Bald Woman At The Door - A Dove Play Story

I am the bald woman at the door,
You’ve seen me a thousand times and more,
I have no personality ,
Cause my creator had zero originality.
I am the bald woman at the door….
Just hoping for a second look and more…

This is my story,

It was one of those days , 
One of those days where women walked in and walked out , never say thank you much? 
While waiting for her sister to finish her business, a bored teen was fiddling with her phone. 
I don’t like to privé, but it’s not like I was busy conducting office, so I took a  peek.
It was a video of women , all shapes , all sizes , all colors. They looked liberated. They looked happy by treating their hair as their personal play ground. 
It made me sad , if only I had hair , 
if only I could change the way I look. 
Ive looked like this for centuries ,

If only I could get my hands on that bottle that gave them the power toPlay,
Then each day would be a New me.
May be a bit of this 
And a bit of that ….

This post is inspired by Doves new Play initiative video,

More power to hair ,
More power to experiment.
In association with Indiblogger.

Credits : The make over for the bald lady at the door was done with the help of Hollywood makeover.