Sunday, June 22, 2014

Can you guess the dish? #Borosil #MyBeautifulFood

Let’s play a little game,
A little game of guessing. 
You need to figure out the dish in description.
Leave your answers in the comments below, 
that at which #clue did you crack it.

No scrolling down,
No cheating,
Or else the curse of #StinkyGas will haunt you for the rest of your life….

It’s a one pot meal.
Full of carbs'n'proteins.   

Fleshly rolled out seasoned pasta, cut into stripes.
Served in a succulent lentil sauce.

  It's a perfect balance of flavors’
Subtle notes of sweet and sour hit your palette in all the right spots.

The tempering of the sauce is of prime importance.
Melting clarified butter,
cackling mustard,
roasting cumin,
fiery chilly  
and that dash of asafoetida at the end.
Adds to the perfect climax of the senses.

Toss the raw strips of pasta it into the lentil sauce.
Let them soak and take in all that golden goodness. 
Stir occasionally but delicately,
make sure the pasta is thoroughly cooked.
Keeping it al dente here is not such a good idea.
But be sure not to overcook unless you are looking to serve a sludge.

A final taste test,
Once your happy with the consistency,
Quickly plate it.
Remember the longer it sits getting cold, the more gloppy it gets.
To avoid this, 
It's best to serve it in a high quality microwaveable serving bowl.
This not only make reheating easy 
but will also up your glamor quotient as a host. 

Top it off with fresh coriander,
with some onions and a lemon wedge at the side :)
serve it HOT!

The reveal:

The DalDhokli
The national dish of Guju's on Sunday's 
Whole wheat dhoklis bathed in a succulent sweet and sour Guajarati dal,
The onions provide the perfect bite and the lemon that perfect acidity to the dish
One bowl full is enough to make you warm and fuzzy inside..
The best place to sample it is at home,
the way MOM makes it.
Only if she is Gujarati of course;)

The diagnosis:

If you cracked it 

@1   Shut up , you have clearly cheated.

@2-4  You are clearly a Gujarati , or you had a Gujarati neighbor or
A Gujarati girlfriend or you were a Gujarati in your past life.

@5-6 if you are a Gujarati and that’s where you cracked it , I have serious doubts about your ethnicity. For a non Guju, kudos brother!

@7  well, about time!

@clueless until the final reveal, or at some point you though I was talking about some exotic Italian affair,  then its time you stop watching
MasterChef Australia and subscribe to everything TarlaDalal *R.I.P.*

This little game of alphabet soup was in association with Indiblogger and Borosil.
The same people who make test-tubes, microwavable’s and more.
A little style with great quality can never hurt.
It just adds a dash of drama to your good ol drab GharKaKhana.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#foodcoma at the Sunday lunch market, Renaisance,Mumbai.

I apologies for the lack for foodgasmic pictures in the post. There were some epic diet crushing pictures on my camera but the technologically challenged me managed to delete them without a trace.   

I negotiate with my gut, it just refuses to agree with my heart. Three portions of chocolate marquise, a spoonful of walnut and maple pie,  two golgappas, a portion of aloo tikki, some Fusilli and mushroom in Alfredo Sauce, a portion of gunpowder dosa, a piece of dhola and a mini Samosa, red thai curry, some fried applams along with three spoonful of perfectly seasoned briyani…  that’s all I can do for now..   

I need to work off some of that food. A market clubbed with a brunch. Sounds like such a perfect combination. It’s a shame they only plan to do this only on Sunday for the month of June. These popup stores prove to be some of the best places to hunt for one of a kind things. Small Fry Co had a great mix of talent showcased at the market. I loved some of the stuff at the popup bazaar  and I recommend you should have started stalking them like, yesterday!

Teekhii Chhurii
Funnily the girl behind this label also happens to be my school friend. This was the first time I bumped into her in what felt like in ages. Get this, she is a B’school graduate who gave the suit to follow her calling*respect*
She is behind the revival of Sanji, an ancient art form of intricate hand carving on a single piece of paper.
It is  generally used to depict old Krishna centric tales of devotion. But with Teekhi Chhurii, Pooja Ajmera is putting her own personal spin Sanji. Instead of Krishna, her muse is Bob Marley!
Apart from the great ready to buy pieces you can also custom make you project. Your loved story, incorporating its miniscule details, carved and captured all in an 8*10 frame. It’s a find!

 Two girls run this quintessential handmade jewellery label. I am generally really picky of what I buy but just  five minutes at their quirky little stand and I had already made up my mind. Statement pieces under budget is how I would like to define The travelers trove. love*

Think health juices, but minus the additives, minus the monstrous blades that produce heat and oxidize the  marketing jargon until I sampled one of their cold press juices.
Carrot ,beetroot , spinach ,gooseberry and ginger. One of the many crazy combinations they offer. Loved how I could distinctly taste each and every ingredient on my pallet. Pre-order and have them delivered at your doorstep!
Fantastic  role-play toys that all pack up into a box, perfect on the go toys. I contemplated buying one of their plane sets. But in the end it was too quite to resist. Not sure if I bought it from my 3yr old or myself. They are that desirable.
Great quality and build, highly recommended!

Well, all that retail therapy did help in making room for more. More desserts. One piping hot jelabi, a kullahad full of rabdi, three more chocolate marquise and am quickly slipping into a #foodcoma !

If you plan to head to the experience this for yourself, I have three tips for you,
1# starve yourself , it’s a shame if you can’t try it all
2# always start with the desserts first.
3# don’t go home without the chocolate marquise. *sighs and craves some right now*

I had the head chef  Danish Merchant  come over to give my compliments over the fantastic food and arrangements of the brunch, he in turn sent me back home with a doggie bag full of desserts and a top secret recipe of the decedent chocolate marquise *heaven*
Great food, amazing music and fantastic experiences, that’s how I would define my Sunday @ the Lake View Cafe , Renaisance,Mumbai.

Get you marquise fix here:

A secret 5star chef's secret dessert recipe.